90210’s Trevor Donovan and Kyle Riabko Talk Teddy’s Tortured Journey 2010/11/1 10:48:29

Since discovering he'd drunkenly hooked up with a male classmate in the season premiere, the frustration of 90210's Teddy has combusted in angry and violent ways, from firing off an antigay slur to throwing punches.

Trevor Donovan, who plays Teddy, says the show won't rush his character into a happier, more accepting time — even while it has introduced an apparent love interest for him in Ian. He'll continue to stumble, sometimes aggressively, as he slowly comes to terms with his sexuality. (Coming up: A misguided attempt to figure things out at a gay bar in West Hollywood.)

"Teddy's story has been about how painful and confusing this situation can be, and it won't be OK for him any time soon," Donovan says. "Acceptance doesn't happen overnight, like, 'Oh! This is who I am!' This isn't an afterschool special. Teddy's fighting it."

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