Idina Menzel Is Back to Glee 2013/3/14 10:16:27

Guess who will be back to Glee? Wow! Idina Menzel will back to the musical show Glee later this season! And we know that she plays Rachel's biological mother Shelby. Lea Michele revealed the news on Twitter. She said that "I spy Idina Menzel at Glee today! So excited to have my mama back."
But there are no details on  why — or where — Shelby will be popping up. She could pay a visit to New York City to give the very misguided Rachel some much needed words of wisdom. Or maybe she'll be coaching one of the glee clubs going up against New Directions at regionals? We wouldn't even put it past Shelby to come back to Lima looking for Puck. But the only thing we know is that she will sing for us in the show! That's the most important one!
Are you excited about her back of the show! Glee seasons 1-3 DVD is hot on sale!


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